Brunei+(673) 2230116 Guangzhou+(86) 2086581040 Kota Kinabalu+(6) 088731214 Taipei+(886) 227738298 Beijing+(86) 1084098308

Kota Kinabalu, the gateway to the rest of Sabah , is also the State Capital. It has a population of around 300,000. Kota Kinabalu or K.K. as it is usually called...

Adventure is Sarawak's other name. With the world's oldest rainforest covering 70% of the State - an area the size of Austria - and some of the most spectacular geography...

Brunei located in the world's third largest island, North-west of Borneo; wedged between the states of Sarawak and Sabah. The nation's riverfront capital-Bandar Seri...


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4 Days Koh Samui TourTour Code: BH4KST 4 Days More
4 Days MedanTour Code: BH4MED 4 Days More
4 Days Macau + Zhuhai + ZhongshanTour Code: BH4MZZ 4 Days Macau More
4 Days Nature Park & Firefly ExtraordinaireTour Code: BH4NPFE 4 Days West Malaysia More
4 Days Osaka Free & EasyTour Code: BH4OFE 4 Days Japan More
4 Days PhuketTour Code: BH4PHU 4 Days More
4 Days Pulau Redang TourTour Code: BH4PRT 4 Days West Malaysia More
4 Days Sapporo Free & EasyTour Code: BH4SFE 4 Days Japan More
Showing 49 - 56 of 306 Tours
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