Brunei Water Village Heritage Tour

Tourcode: BHBWN-02
Destination: Brunei
Duration: 2 Hours
Interest: Cultural
Passengers: 0
Tour Details:


  • The world's biggest Malay Water Village
  • Over 30,000 inhabitants
  • Venice of the East
  • Boat Riding Cruise known as "Water Taxi"
  • Traditional Malay Cakes

Kampong Ayer (Water Village) - A historic settlement right in the middle of 21st century BSB, Kampong Ayer or Water Village is a township of multi-coloured houses built on stilts over Brunei River. 

The largest water settlement in the world with over 30,000 inhabitants residing on stilt houses. In 1521, European Explorer refers it as "Venice of the East".

Stretching along the river are some 4,000 buildings, many of them of wood, connected by almost 30km of wooden walkways.

This tour takes you on "Perahu" which is also known as water taxis by Bruneians cruising through the Brunei river and visit a local house to experience the traditional lifestyle and culture heritage. Enjoy the traditional malay cakes made by local Malay housewives.



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