Horse Back Riding

Tourcode: BHBWN-11
Destination: Brunei
Duration: 2 Hours
Interest: Adventure
Passengers: 0
Tour Details:


  • Indoor arena / Beach Front Riding
  • World Class Riders & Trainers
  • Indigenous Wildlife
  • Light Refreshments Provided

**Min 4 Pax or Above
*Beach riding pre-arrange

Trek the jungle or the beach on horse back with world class riders and trainers around Jerudong Park and Royal Brunei Polo Club. Colorful birds chirp from the foliage or brown monkeys dart around. Take a break for a  picnic lunch before the end of tour.

Royal Brunei Polo  and Riding Club, Jerudong Park - The sport of kings is alive and well in Brunei with the Sultan and members of the Royal Family being avid polo players and enthusiasts. Wander along the polo fields , admire the horses and their stables and take a look at the grandstands from where VIPs and the Royal Family observe the game. The clubhouse with its opulent Banquet Ha;; and the restaurant are definitely worth a visit. There's also a swimming, bowling alley, 8-hole golf course and more.

Bonasia Holiday
Address: A4, 2nd Floor, Bgn Hj Abdul Rahman Bin- Awg Hassan Kampong Kiulap, Bandar Seri Begawan, BE1518, Brunei Darussalam
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