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Scuba Diving Paradise

Tour Code: BHBWN-10 Destination: Brunei
Price: TBA Deposit: TBA
Duration: Full Day

Interest: Diving

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Tour Details:


  • 2 dives included (sites of the day)
  • Light Refreshment provided

Dive Sites:

  • Cement Wreck - Sitting at a depth of about 32m, with its top post at about 9m, this is great one for novice divers. The Tung Hwang freighter sank in 1980 while transporting cement to Brunei.
  • Blue Water Wreck - This is the wreck of the fishing trawler Mabini Pdre, which sank after catching fire in 1981. It sits 35m underwater, rising up to 24m.
  • American Wreck - The USS Salute, a US Minesweeper built in 1943, sank after striking a mine in 1945, it sits a depth of 30m. It is a classic World War II remnant and live artillery shells can still be found on it's deck.
  • Bolkiah Wreck -This passenger ship, built in 1955 in Hongkong, was scuttled in 1992 due to ruling that no vessel bearing the Brunei royal name be sold for scrap. It lies at a depth of about 20m.
  • Australian Wreck
  • Pelong Rocks
  • Abana Reef
  • Rig Reef
  • Bar at Banks
  • Brunei Patches
  • Hornet’s Reef

We begin our tour aboard one of our comfortable and safe powerboats, passing the naval base to cut across Brunei Bay to two of our diving sites of the day. Light refreshments will be provided.

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