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11D10N Amazing Northern Xinjiang

  • Hemu Village
    Hemu Village is a village under the jurisdiction of Burqin County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Located on the shore of Kanas Lake in Burqin County, Xinjiang, it is the concentrated living place of the Tuva people. It is the farthest and largest village among the only remaining Tuva villages (Hemu Village, Kanas Village and Baihaba Village).
  • Kanas Lake Nature Reserve
    In the beautiful and mysterious (meaning of the Mongolian “Kanas”), you can see the clear and tranquil lake, the lake will change color according to season and the weather. The virgin forests of spruce, fir and Siberian larch are mixed around the lake.
  • Kalajun Grassland
    The Kala Jun prairie is located in the Turks County of the Ili River Valley in Xinjiang. The Kala Jun is a Kazakh language, “Kala” has the meaning of darkness, richness and vastness and “Jun” describes the dense appearance, so the Kala Jun grassland means the vast grassland.
  • Kuytun Grand Canyon
    Located at north foot of Tianshan Mountain, Kuitun Grand Canyon is of the stratum consisting of gravel and sand completely, which should be the seabed in the distant past, and uplift to be the land after geological movement.
  • Wuerher Devil's City
    The Devil City is a typical Yadan landform with huge stone pillars of various shapes on the Gobi. The magnificent is the air, also known as the “wind city”, as there are often strong winds and whistling between the stone pillars, like ghosts and wolverines, feeling the uniqueness of horror, where the named came from.
  • Kezanqi Folk Custom Village
    As the window of Ili City and a vivid portrayal of ethnic customs, Kazanqi Folk-custom Village is the only large-scale cultural scenic spot in northern Sinkiang that reflects Uyghur customs with original ecology. Folk-custom Village embodies both the rich Uyghur culture of southern Sinkiang and the unique Uyghur customs of northern Sinkiang. It is cheerful while dignified.

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Hemu Village | Kanas Lake Nature Reserve | Kalajun Grassland | Kuytun Grand Canyon

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