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1H ATV Ride (Beach Bike) Adventure

Tungku Beach is a very popular hangout for local families in the country especially during weekend. It features beautiful sunset, relaxing and breezy wind as it is surrounded by beautiful & tall pine trees around the area. Some beach goers are not only visiting this place to swim at the beach, visitors are often seen with their own fishing gears and spend their whole day or afternoon leisurely catching fish and having some picnics.

One of the popular activities at Tungku Beach is the ATV adventure ride. You'll love riding the ATV if you're fond with adventure but also want it not so extreme which is ideal for young riders and for the whole family. Just ensure that you're properly dressed for this activity as the area comes with sand flies and other beach insects. Ensure as well to apply sunscreen and insect repellent for additional skin protection. Wear caps and sun glasses too for your eye protection. After the adventure ride, you may enjoy sipping your coconut fruit juice for some refreshments while enjoying the view of the ocean from the beach.


  • Min 4-to-go
  • Max 12 pax per group
  • Including Pick up & Drop off
  • Booking 1 day in advance
  • Subject to availability
  • Safety & ATV Guide included