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8D7N Extreme Daocheng Yading Mt. Siguniang

  • Mount Siguniang
    Mount Siguniang is located in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Prefecture, 200km west to Chengdu and it is one of the main mountain ranges in Sichuan. It was once named as the Oriental Alps for its close resemblance to the real Alps. A trekking trip to Mount Siguniang is very popular among Asian hikers. Mount Siguniang is also one of the top ten mountaineering training bases of China due to its perfect mountain landscape. A trekking trip to Mount Siguniang varies from serious to family-friendly style. The popular one is the 2-night trekking from the town Rilong hiking to the summit of Dafeng at over 5000 meters. It is a very strenuous trekking considering the ascent covered in two days. This 2-night trekking to the summit of Dafeng of Mount Siguniang gives you the opportunity to make a summit of a 5000+ meters mountain.
  • Bamei Stone Forest
    The magnificence of Bamei stone forest is as beautiful as the karst stone forest in South China, but it has its own uniqueness. From far away, the stone forest resembles numerous towering pagodas. While when getting close, you will find they are with their special shapes and postures. Because of the wind and weather conditions, these stones are changeable in color in different seasons. They are in light gray and light blue in dry seasons, but are in pale ink colors in wet seasons. Whatever their colors and shapes are, the stone forest is splendor setting with the vast grassland, towering snow mountains and the charming Tibetan houses.
  • Suopo Towers
    These ancient watchtowers were constructed with wood and stone. The exteriors are built with stone to make them as solid as they could be, while the inside facilities are mostly made of wood. These watchtowers have angular shape and slip walls with wide bottoms and narrow tops in the height ranging from 20 meters to 60 meters. Watchtowers were originally constructed to watch out threatens and attacks from the outside world. Some were built to store valuable goods, or were used as a place of worship.
  • Chonggu Monastery
    An important stop for tourists going to the three peaks, which is Chenrezig, Jampayang and Chenadorje. It is also the place to start kora, a pilgrimage around the mountain. Below the monastery is the grassland covered with flowers, behind it the precipitous Yading Valley. The monastery is like the door to the heaven, guarding the sacred land of Shambhala. The American adventurer Joseph Rock stayed in the monastery for three days when he visited Yading in 1928, enjoying the tranquil overview of moonlit Yading Valley through the window of the monastery. It is said that the experience of Rock in the monastery is what James Hilton writes about Blue Moon Valley in Lost Horizon is based on.
  • Pearl Lake
    The banks of Pearl Lake bloom with life in the warmer months with large fields of Indian Azelea swarming around the bank of the lake with gentle waves lap against its shore, in Autumn the lake-side turns a rusted yellow with all the plants preparing for winter, this lake is truly a magical place.

Travel Essentials:-
Passport & Visas - Each tour member is responsible to ensure their passport is valid for at least six (6) months from the return date of the trip and all necessary visas and permits have been acquired.
Travel Insurance - It’s essential that you take out a comprehensive travel insurance before travel.

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