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8D7N Go Around Taiwan + Long Yun Holiday Farm

  • Shifen Old Street
    Famous for sky lantern handicraft where you will be able to write your wishes on a lantern and let those prayers soar high in the sky.
  • Jiufen
    Epitomized by its lanterns lighting up the narrow alleyways, Jiufen is as charming as anywhere in Taiwan, and provides remnants of what was a booming mining town controlled by the Japanese.
  • Sun Moon Lake
    Sun Moon Lake, Nantou is Taiwan’s largest lake and, with 6 million visitors a year, also one of Taiwan’s most popular scenic attractions.
  • Alishan National Park
    One of the most famous and iconic mountain areas in Taiwan. The mountain villages, ancient forests, hiking destinations, and tea plantations have made it a popular destination for tourists. Sisters Lake, Shouzhen Temple, Three generation of wood and Shenmu is one of the must see scenic places.
  • Taroko National Park
    With its wonderful and spectacular natural cliffs, Taroko has become one of the famous world wonders. In the language of the aborigines, Taroko actually means “great mountains”.
  • Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village
    To establish a place to both preserve and teach about Taiwan’s aboriginal heritage while, at the same time provide a spacious venue for people to spend and enjoy their leisure time.

Mochi DIY | Shifen Old Street (Sky Lantern Fun) | To Su'aoxin Station by train from Hualien to Yilan

Sun Moon Lake | Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village | Alishan National Park | Fo Guang Shan | Taroko National Park

Chihpen Hot Spring | Longyun Leisure Farm

Chicken Cuisine | Aboriginal Cuisine | Shabu Shabu | Hotel Buffet

Travel Essentials:-
Passport & Visas - Each tour member is responsible to ensure their passport is valid for at least six (6) months from the return date of the trip and all necessary visas and permits have been acquired.
Travel Insurance - It’s essential that you take out a comprehensive travel insurance before travel.

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5. Tours are conducted in Mandarin, with simple translation in English if required.

6. Triple Room - Third person shall be based on roll-away bed.