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8H City + Water Village Tour

Jame Asr' Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque:-
This ornately decorated mosque, built in 1994, is surrounded by landscaped gardens and fountains. This mosque is a fine architecture carried out with a devotion to details.

Royal Regalia:-

A Tribute to the Sultan and the grand trappings of royalty, this museum is a highlight of any trip to Brunei.

Water Village:-
A historic settlement right in the middle of 21st century , Kampong Ayer or Water Village is a township of multi-coloured houses built on stilt houses over Brunei River. The largest water settlement in the world with over 13,000 inhabitants residing on stilt houses. In 1512, European Explorer refers it as "Venice of the East".

Malay Technology Museum:-
Take a look at the architectural details of stilt houses (as seen in the Kampong Ayer) dating from late 19th to mid 20th centuries. You can also delve into some of Brunei's most famous handicrafts, like kain tenunan, their prized art of brocade-weaving, as well as gold-and-silver-smiting, brass-casting and more.

Maritime Museum:-
Items exhibited in the well-presented shipwreck gallery include ceramics and glassware from China, Vietnam and Thailand, which would have been brought to Brunei to exchange for local products including spices, rattan, sago and champhor.

His Majesty's Palace (Photostop):-
His Majesty the Sultan's official residence and seat of Government, this is the largest residential palace in the world. Set on the banks of Brunei river, it is a stunning sight with its Islamic-style architectural, low sweeping South-East-Asian-Style roofs and glistening domes, tiled with 22-carat gold leaf.


  • Min 4-to-go
  • Including Pick up & Drop off 
  • Visit to Water Village is with boat ride & light refreshments
  • Mosque will be closed every FRIDAY and for Islamic Religious Observances
  • Optional buffet lunch is B$15 per pax

This itinerary is for reference only and is subject to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirements.