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7D5N 冬 季 • 北 海 岛

护照和签证 - 每位旅行团成员有责任确保其护照自旅行返回之日起至少六(6)个月内有效,并且已获得所有必要的签证和许可证。
旅游保险 - 您必须在旅行前购买全面的旅行保险。



3.公司不对小册子或可能出现此类信息的任何媒体中的遗漏,印刷和/或陈述错误负责; 公司保留根据要求进行更正的权利。



6.三人间 - 第三人应以折叠床为基础。

  • 小樽运河
    Was a central part of the city's busy port in the first half of the 20th century. Large vessels were unloaded by smaller ships, which then transported the goods to warehouses along the canal. The canal became obsolete when modern dock facilities allowed for direct unloading of larger vessels. Thanks to a citizens' movement, a part of the canal was beautifully restored in the 1980s instead of being land-filled, while the warehouses were transformed into museums, shops and restaurants. The canal makes for a pleasant stroll during the day, when artists present their works to passing tourists, and during the evenings when old fashioned gas lamps are lit and provide a romantic atmosphere. The canal also serves as the main site of the town's Snow Light Path Festival.
  • Odori Park
    A popular picnic and relaxation spot, serving both locals and visitors. Whether it’s a romantic picnic or salary men having their lunch, the chilled vibe on a summer day is perfect for breaks from city sightseeing.
  • Hokkaido Shrine
    Built in 1869 and one of the most popular temple in Hokkaido. It's home to the Sapporo Festival, a religious Shinto festival that takes place every summer. Visitors will then form a parade that walks around the city center for this all day.
  • Hakodate Morning Market
    Held daily from 5am (from 6am during winter) to noon, just a few steps away from JR Hakodate Station. The market area spans about four city blocks. Products on sale include various types of fresh seafood such as crabs (kani), salmon eggs (ikura) and sea urchin (uni), as well as fresh produce such as melons. Many restaurants can be found in the market area, offering fresh seafood breakfasts, such as uni-ikura domburi.
  • Mount Hakodate
    Mount Hakodate is a 334 meter high, wooded mountain at the southern end of the peninsula on which much of central Hakodate is located. On clear days and nights, in particular, the views from the mountain are spectacular and included among Japan's three best night views alongside the views from Nagasaki's Mount Inasa and Kobe's Mount Rokko. Facilities at the summit, which is accessible by rope-way, bus or car, include observation platforms (free of charge), souvenir shops, a cafe and a cafeteria style restaurant.