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About Us

"Bonasia Holiday“ 
The travel agency was established in 2000, which is based on the Borneo line. In recent years, we have expanded our business and awards business. In 2002, we entered the big family and were approved by the Brunei Tourism Bureau. license. At the same time, it also develops overseas agency business companies. At present, there are overseas sales agents in Sabah, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan. "Bonasia Holiday" step by step from the initial stage of the China-Hong Kong Taiwan market to the same industry customers; to establish a sound website access, in the spirit of quality innovation, the introduction of different new products to the industry and consumers more affordable select. Adhering to the spirit of "happy employees, satisfied customers", we will introduce more products to meet the needs of each customer, so that every day of the year is a good season for tourism.

Business scope (group type, reception area, theme activity)
1. Brunei + Sabah Tour Package Booking
2. Airport flower reception
3. Car rental service
4. Summer Camp Education Tour
5. Hotel accommodation package
6. Music and decoration requirements
7. Hospitality, help desk service
8. Creative Theme Party
9. Honeymoon Travel + Wedding Photography
10. Coordination
11. Team building activities
12. Gore Ball Campaign
13. Media Film / Photography Coordination
14. Culture and Dance

The main group case that has been received
Institutions, team time, number of guests received
2001 Malaysia,
AIA Life
2001 Taiwan,
Ruitai Life Insurance
2002 Guangzhou,
PUNYU Pharmaceutical Factory
2003 Taiwan,
One Securities
2005 Taiwa
n, Global Life
2006 Taiwan,
Global Life
2007 South Korea,
2007 South Korea,
KEB Golf
2008 Hainan,
World Hainan Conference
2009 Middle East / Asia Pacific,
Halal Food Show
2010 South China Province,
Chinese New Year charter flight China
2011 Taiwan,
Chinese New Year Taiwan charter
2012 South China Province,
Chinese New Year charter flight China
2013 China/Taiwan/Hong Kong,
Hipster Tea Ceremony
2017 China/Taiwan/Hong Kong,
Hipster Tea Ceremony
2018 China,
Costa Neo Romantica Cruise
2019 Taiwan,
Jiu Long Chang Choir